BREAKING: Sports Club LA dealing with Presidential-size PR Gaffe

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From Drudge/Roll Call

Gym Instructor Mocks Bush In Front Of First Daughters
Tue Apr 25 2006 10:32:05 ET

A spinning instructor at Washington, DC’s Sports Club/LA mocked President Bush without realizing (believe it or not) that a first daughter was in his class!

ROLL CALL reports: The instructor, Glenn Makl, is said to be horrified to learn after class that the president’s daughter Jenna was there to hear his making fun of President Bush and handing out of a video clip compilation of some of the president’s more memorable gaffes and malapropisms.

Jenna Bush was working out at the club with her boyfriend, who later complained about the politcal ranting of the trainer, a source tells the DRUDGE REPORT.


Story is here, but you need a Roll Call subscription to read it.

My thoughts: 1) Handing out a video clip??? What the hell? A) He gets fired, b) Sports Club LA apologizes, c) story is quickly forgotten.

But that wouldn’t be fun, and you know it won’t happen that easily.

Stay tuned.

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