Big Arrow Group: Indian for “Learn to send email correctly”

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Got an email today from Caroline Cooper. I have no idea who Caroline Cooper is. The email had a 1-megabyte .PDF attachment. Subject line: “Just introducing myself.”

Wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t bothered to check my SPAM folder, where it originally wound up. (Probably because of the typeface.)

Said the following: (Actual typeface and size kept as received.)

Dear Rich,
Love your writing and hope one day I will love what you have written about us!
We are Big Arrow Group! Our five core staff is made up of leading pharmaceutical marketing, branding and advertising employees who have worked as a team for 10 years with the common goal of creating and holding leadership in the category for our partners.
Keep an eye on us!

Caroline Cooper
584 Broadway, Suite 1210
New York, N.Y. 10012

OK then.

a) Who the hell is Rich?

b) Why would I care that they do healthcare marketing, branding and advertising?

c) Who the hell is Rich?

d) Why would you send me, out of the blue, with no forewarning, a 1.3 megabyte promotional PDF about yourself? (which is here, by the way – be sure to check out the NINETEEN pages of promotional fluff about them.) Download big_arrow_group_credentials.pdf  –

e) Why would you send this to me in the first place? When I write about other agencies, I do so because they’ve done something brilliant that’s been brought to my attention. I don’t have an “agency to write about of the week” column or anything.

f) My name is Peter. WHO THE HELL IS RICH?

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