BATting practice, AirPool, and People who shout into their cell phones

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I got hit in the head with by a bat yesterday.

Went to the Singapore Night Safari. Lots of fun – No question – Only problem, I couldn’t take photos of anything. It’s dark. (Because, you see, it’s a NIGHT Safari…) and you can’t use your flash. So photos of all the animals were out. But we saw lions and tigers and cheetahs and otters (my favorite – I totally want one) and sheep and a bat flew at my head and smacked me as it passed, similar to how Karma or NASA tap me on the skull at 6am and say “feed me.”

And I stole Angelina Jolie’s kid, wearing him around the Safari like a scarf.

Actually, he belongs to the conference organizer, who graciously gave me a ride to the event. Adorable child, but confirming yet again that I know nothing about children. I mentioned I was shocked how smart he seemed for 18-months old, to which she replied, that’s because he’s 30 months old.

I knew that.

This morning found me writing another chapter in my auto-biography, tentatively entitled “What the hell did I eat last night that’s causing me to wish I was dead this morning?” It’s an ongoing saga, a tale only to be completed when I become a level-5 vegan.

After dropping 20 pounds in 14 minutes, I grabbed lunch with Proximity, then made my way, via the SMRT (The Singapore rail system, not what Homer says when he spells “smart”)  to Changi Airport. Checked in, and sure enough, found my way to the gym and pool.

For less than $20, I got access to the gym (modest, but fine for what I needed – treadmills, weights, machines…) showers, the pool, the hot-tub (which was more like a luke-warm tub) but most importantly, the chance to lay out for an hour and work on my tan. Completely worth it.

Made my way to the lounge, where I sit, drinking lots of water, waiting for my flight to South Korea, then to home.

OK, I normally don’t do this, but this is beyond annoying. The gentleman below has made TEN PHONE CALLS IN A ROW, SPEAKING AT A TOTALLY UNNECESSARY HIGH VOLUME DURING EACH ONE. I now know not only the price of oil in several countries, but how tired he is, where he’s going, the airline on which he’s flying, and what he plans to do when he gets there. I’m so close to grabbing his phone and tossing it down the stairs. SIR: SHUT UP!

Other than that, the lounge is lovely.

I’m definitely ready to go home. Of course, I’m home for like, less than a week, then off to San Francisco again. At least I get to spend July 4th with people I care about, as opposed to last July 4th, where I was supposed to fly to Denver to meet with Dream Catcher on the 5th, and they called at the last minute to cancel my trip, leaving me with absolutely nothing to do on the 4th.

Oh… Any of my readers proficient in throwing benefit events? If so, shoot me an email – I wanna talk to you.

Headed home… It’ll be nice to have me back where I belong, if only for a few days.

PS: I heard a rumor that someone with a blog either bailed or got let go from Web Shan yesterday. Can’t confirm which it was, bailing or getting let go. Anyone know? Sources protected, as always.

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