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Say it with me, everyone. “WE DON’T PITCH ON REFERENCES TO 9/11.” Say it again until you get it. Doesn’t matter what’s below – you blew it in the first 5 words. Had you gotten rid of those first few words, this would have been A GOOD PITCH! A bit long, but a good pitch! Why would you throw 9/11 into it? Nothing good can come from that.

Hi! While September 11th is a day representing tragedy, it also marks a special day this year… Grandparents Day! I have a wonderful family business story that shows the legacy of a very well known man is continuing with his grand daughters. Remember Victor Kiam, the man who liked the Remington Shaver so much he bought the company and appeared in their commercials world-wide, in his bath robe?

Now, giving testament that business sense really does run in the family…

the young grand daughters of Victor Kiam, Lia and Sophia – just 5 and 8 years old – are ‘in business.’

The company created by their grandfather in 1986 is now continuing with this third generation of his family.

The girls have just announced their namesake jewelry pieces into the newly introduced “Kiam Family Collection” of Lia Sophia, a fashion jewelry party company that bears their names. The company, formerly known as Lady Remington, has re-introduced itself and its more modern jewelry designs.

More below!


~The Women Are the Jewels of the Well-Known Kiam Family~

Chicago, IL – Jewelry represents heirlooms in families and one well-known family has announced they’re putting their name on their jewels and their future.

Once known as running a company for men world-wide, the Kiam family is announcing that they have put the Remington Shaver company behind them and are focusing their family’s future in the women behind the successful family. They have just released a “Kiam Family Collection” of jewels in the Lia Sophia Catalog, a jewelry company owned by the family.

The new “Kiam Family Collection” of the Lia Sophia catalog includes 25 designs named by women of the family: Victor’s wife Ellen, daughter- in-law Elena, daughter Robin, and grand daughters Lia, Sophia, Jenny, Caleigh, and Nikki. The regular Lia Sophia catalog features 500 pieces of fashion jewelry that start at prices as low as $18.

Pieces of the “Kiam Family Collection” include the Lia, an adorable giant

flower pendant that is outlined in cut crystal cubic zirconias. The

free-form blossom with light blue sapphire crystals is surrounded by petals

of pave set in brilliant clear crystals. The Sophia features a three piece

set of pale baby blue, pink and yellow star jewels. A burst of crystal and CZ stars in watercolor hues of pale blue, pink, canary, and champagne includes a “Y” necklace, bracelet, and dangle earrings.

A Jackie Kennedy-esque pearl bracelet, CZ rings, and sparkling crystal sets complete the collection named after all the Kiam women. Prices for the “Kiam Family Collection” start at $38 to $268.

The story began when Ellen Kiam bought her husband Victor a Remington Shaver for Christmas in 1976 and he liked it so much that he bought the company. In

1986 he purchased a jewelry company named Act II, that later became known as Lady Remington to closely associate itself with the family owned shaver company.

After Victor’s death in 2001, the company started a major revitalization by receiving a fresh, new name and image to attract the women of today. The distinctive name, Lia Sophia, was introduced last year and inspired by the two daughters of the company’s president Tory Kiam (Victor Kiam III), who represent and celebrate a third generation of the family.

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