Back-patting time…

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According to Cate Sevilla, editor of DollyMix, I “wiped the floor” with Bill O’Reilly a few weeks ago when I was on regarding the Trojan condom commercial debate.

Bill O’Reilly had the most ridiculous views on why this commercial is inappropriate. O’Reilly debates with Peter Shankman, the author of Can We Do That?, who had intelligent, logical counterarguments to Bill, and basically wiped the floor with him. O’Reilly used the argument that the commercial isn’t “aesthetically pleasing”, that he doesn’t “want to see pig puppets” and that it’s “dopey” – so if it were his choice, he wouldn’t run it. He claims that the big pigs appeal to children, and Shankman argues that he’s rather have little kids learn about safe sex and condom usage, than from the mystery of a 15-year-old girl’s rape on CSI: Miami, which is shown on CBS.

Shankman fades back – At the buzzer! Swish! And that’s the game!

The NY Times wrote a piece this morning on all the free advertising Trojan is getting. They mentioned O’Reilly, but not my “intelligent, logical counterarguments.” Hmmph.

Hee! Either way, nice way to start a Monday.

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