Back home, for 24 hours, anyway…

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Will have a long and interesting post about Michael Vick soon, I promise.

Back from BlogHer, where I did something amusing on behalf of FlavoRX. Also ate good Sushi and got 2 stays closer to maintaining Platinum status at Starwood for another year. Saw Pamela Parker, met some editors from Wiley, (the ones who published “Can We Do That?!“) I talked to them about a possible new book – Will let you know what comes of it.

What else… This week finds me in Charlotte for all of Tuesday meeting with “The New Client of Intrigue” – I expect to write up the blog post about them on my flight home Tuesday night – I’m really, really looking forward to the comments and dialogue that comes from the announcement. It should prove interesting and educational, to say the least.

Question for any doctors or medically inclined in my readership. Does the fact that my resting heartrate, on average, is around 43 beats per minute mean that I’m really really healthy, or that I’m 1/8th of an inch away from death? My mom thinks the latter, I think the former. You decide whether or not I should see a doctor.

Also – I need a new handheld GPS. Any thoughts on which one is best?

Want to wish all my friends who are able to take time off and enjoy themselves safe jumps, blue skies, and calm winds at this week’s Lost Prarie Boogie. I’m so jealous, it’s not even funny.

Did anyone else notice (and have mad respect for) the fact that the Simpsons Movie was the culmination of a year’s worth of marketing effort, and it marked the first time that the Rupert Murdoch empire was able to cross-promote over every single platform? It was really impressive, when you stop and look at it. Plus, farming out 90% or more of the animation to Korea saved a ton of money. Good job, if not a little scary.

Spider Pig, Spider Pig…

More soon…

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