B-A-D B-R-A-N-D M-O-V-E (23 Points)

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See, this is called bad brand forethought. And anyone will tell you the same thing.

Facebook is saying the decision was made by the Scrabulous developers, not Hasbro or Facebook. Of course it was! If you’re facing a multi-million dollar lawsuit, you’d shut down, too.

Why Hasbro took this route, similar to Fox shutting down Simpsons fan sites back in the late 90s, is beyond me. Why not just work with them? It would generate a hell of a lot more goodwill, make Hasbro beloved, let them both share in the ad revenue, and hey, I bet even get more people to buy the physical version of the game.

Sigh. Stop listening to the lawyers, Hasbro. For once.

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