Aw, crap. The bubble is real.

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At every mega-show, there’s always one moment when everything comes together, and when you realize, “wow, this clears it all up.”

For me, that moment came rather early in the show, at the Digital Experience event, held at Ceasar’s. It’s funny, we’ve heard for eons about how we’re in a bubble, how this is just like 2000, how if we don’t understand history, we’re doomed to repeat it, and yadda, yadda, etc.

I didn’t believe it, even though deep down we probably know it’s true. But then, life is a bubble, right? Technically, you could call anything a bubble – A great meal is just a bubble, that pops when you’re full.

So with that, here’s proof that last night, we ate our great meal:

Yes, that’s a booth for Herman Miller, of the infamous Aeron Chair, one of the truest signposts of the original dot com economy.

Yes, Herman Miller is exhibiting at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show.

Be afraid.

In other news, ever have a moment where you hear or read something, and there are so many jokes that come to your mind all at once that they all get stuck in your throat and you just can’t say anything?

That’s what happened when I read the latest press release from Taser. I’ve just got to share this word for word, because any justice I could do, the release automatically does for itself. Ready?

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., January 7, 2008 — TASER International, Inc. (Nasdaq TASR), a market leader in advanced electronic control devices, today will unleash the new leopard print TASER® C2 personal protection device at the 2008 International Consumer Electronic tradeshow in Las Vegas, NV on Monday, January 7, at 10:00 a.m. PST.

In addition, TASER International will unveil the new, innovative TASER MPH (Music Player Holster) which is a combination MP3 player and TASER C2 holster. The 1GB TASER MPH allows for both personal protection and personal music for people on the go.

Yeah. So where to even begin with that? Taser is not only issuing a leopard print Taser, but is also launching a combination holster/music player.

A combination holster/music player.

A. Combination. Holster. Music player.

OK… Now let’s understand something – I’m all about thinking that certain people should be tased on a regular basis for certain things… For instance – If you’re listening to music on your iPod on the subway so loudly that I can keep the beat from six seats away… Tased.

On your cell phone in an elevator? Tased.

On your cell phone in an elevator and shocked when you lose signal? Tased twice.

But out of all of those tasings, there is not one time when I logically asssume that a music player should somehow be involved in any portion (other than the cause) of the tasering.

What happens if you’re just trying to raise the volume, and accidentally hit the wrong button?

“Ooh! Timbaland! I love this so… Zzzzzttt! AAAAAAAGH!”

There are just so many jokes to make, and I’m not nearly caffeinated enough to make them.

Taser: Protect life: While rockin’ out!


OK. What else…

Dinner last night was compliments of Digital Experience, a press event with a lovely sports theme this year. Cheerleaders and “refs” in short skirts, lots of yummy drinks with stupid names, and good fried trade show food. And good products, as well, Interestingly, I saw SimulScribe exhibiting there. They’re the company that takes your voicemail and sends it to you as an email. Their tagline is “Voicemail sucks.” Hee.

Breakfast this morning was back in the press room, again with the bagel.

I’ve got the CES Blogger Party tomorrow night, (all bloggers welcome, register here) and a host of other events. Will figure out how to muster up the energy to attend. Because right now, I be tired.

Which brings me to my last point… I’m tired. It’s only Monday, and I’m tired. One could wonder if I’m getting too old for this. But then I see 7,400 media friends around me here and think, “Well, perhaps I don’t have to quit entirely. Maybe I just pick the top two or three conferences, and would it really kill me to drop below 120,000 actual flown miles in 2008?

Perhaps I’m growing up. Or maybe I just need more coffee.

More later.

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