Another reason why AirTroductions will eventually rule the world

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From my friend JS… Whatever AirTroductions winds up being called after our new redesign and relaunch, below is yet another example of why it will soon rule the world.


Peter: Have fun blogging this:

Then I have a bag of magazines- so he is looking over my shoulder at them- and seeming like he wants to read one- So..i say… “Would you like to look at one?” – he says yea – and takes my US Magazine– which i am completely done with…Then…he reads it done with US and the same thing. Staring my magazines down..,So again, I say. “Would you like to look at one?” …he says yea!

So do you notice i say LOOK not take! So the plane lands and he is holding my new Wired 2.0 – which I did NOT read- and he says- hey thank for the magazine- Gets up and walks away!


You know, traveling used to be an occasion for dressing up, putting on your best… Of course, travelers back in the day also had 74 inches of pitch between seats in all directions – not 17… I’m just sayin’…

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