Another "I'm glad I live in this age" thought…

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I was sitting here, just chilling, and the following happened in succession:

@thebeancast tweeted how he heard the ice cream truck and was excited, remembering from when he was kid.

I remembered not so much the ice cream truck, but rather, Eddie Murphy’s “Delirious,” and one of the best comedy routines in the world – “Ice Cream.”

I remember having the tape of “Comedian,” which was the audio version of “Delirious.” I remember the tape – gray colors, played that thing until I wore it the hell OUT.

And for years, whenever I heard something related to that album, or a joke that reminded me of it, I’d run upstairs to my room, find the tape, queue it up, and play it. And keep in mind, I knew every line by HEART. I could quote it on demand – I probably still can.

So today, when I was reminded of it by Bob Knorpp, my first instinct was to head to my parent’s house and find the tape.

Instead, I just went to Youtube, typed in Eddie Murphy Ice Cream, and there it was.

Quite an age we live in, no?

Enjoy. Ice cream, and Shoe Throwing Mothers are below. Enjoy. Let it bring you back to the mid-80s, when Michael Jackson was still black, and only your richest, richest friend owned a CD player. And obviously, NSFW for language. It’s Eddie Freaking Murphy!

“Want a lick? PSYCHE!”

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