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What was that CBS News Radio 88 slogan many years ago? “Miss a minute, and you miss a lot…”

It’s been quite the week so far. In no particular order, I’m going to randomize a bunch of stuff here and try and get everything caught up. Some PR, some industry, some personal, some other stuff…

First off – Headed to BlogHER in Chicago Friday and Saturday, for FlavoRX as well as other reasons. You there? Let me know, we’ll hang.

The NYC Nautica Triathlon was Sunday, and I did it, finishing in under three hours. 2:55:03, in fact. Not great, but considering it was my first Olympic Distance Triathlon, I’ll take it. Want to see what tired looks like in full motion? Click here for my Finish Line Video. I’m the really dead one in the black NY Harriers tank-top, about 15 seconds into the 30 second clip. Very cool stuff that Accenture did with the finish line video. Cool use of RFID, as well. Damn the guy behind me for looking so damn spritely and happy. I was just happy to be done. Thanks to those who matter for showing up and cheering! They know who they are. Here’s me and mom and dad after it ended. I actually think I look pretty decent in this photo for a change.


PR Stuff… Unless you’ve truly been dead, you know the Simpsons Movie is coming out on Friday. My one problem with all the hype? They’ve been promoting something called the Simpsonizer – Turns your photo into a Simpson. Problem is, it’s been down for seven consecutive days. This was the same image this morning that’s been up all week:


Have the bandwidth, guys! SO frustrating! And very amateur hour.

Speaking of bandwith, Valleywag has 30 different stories as to what happend with the network outage yesterday. Pick whichever one you believe.

Back to the Simpsons… Marty Focazio found an interesting story. Apparently, a crop circle (similar to the one I was involved with for Bacardi back in ’04) was made of Homer, this time in Europe. Unfortunately, it was created in the next field over from a Pagan diety crop circle. The Pagans got offended. They declared war rain, via way of a Pagan rain dance. What happened? Worst flooding in Europe in Centuries. Don’t piss off the Pagans. Thanks, Marty.

In the “someone’s thinking!” category, SugarDVD (NSFW) declared 50% off all porn rentals starring redheads, for what they’re calling a “Firecrotch DUI DVD Special.” Thanks TMZ for the link, and Lindsay for the continued hilarity. Hey SWM: Call Jax and offer him my congratulations on a brilliant and timely stunt.

Survivorman comes back on the Science Channel on August 15th. There’s a bit of a controversy going on, with one camp proclaiming Les Stroud as God, and the other camp Proclaiming Bear Grylls (of Man vs. Wild) as God. I’m in the Les Stroud camp. He’s so much more real than Bear. Which is why I’m really, really happy to see the new season. A good birthday present to me, if not a week or so late. And this just in: (Literally, like five hours ago…) BEAR GRYLLS IS FULL OF IT! ABC NEWS JUST ISSUED A STATEMENT ADMITTING THAT BEAR STAYS IN HOTEL ROOMS INSTEAD OF IN THE WILD. LES STROUD RULES!

God, I’m such a dork. But GO LES! Ha!

New client alert: I just signed a new client that’s sure to cause some controversy. (Which, as you know, I live for.) If you remember the wonderful Far Side Cartoon (that I just spent 20 minutes Googling for with no luck) about a cow grilling a steak, and another cow looks at him and says “You’re sick, Larry. Just sick,” It’s kinda like that. When I can announce, I will, and I expect there to be many a blog comment from both sides of the fence. I’m looking forward to it.

Marathon training is back in full force, no question. I’m somehow finding the time to clock about 30 miles per week, and I’m steadily upping that to what I hope will be close to 60 by the time the marathon rolls around. The goal is officially somewhere between a 3:45 and 3:50. I’m confident, but not super-confident. We’ll see how I feel come September. I expect to finalize my NYC Marathon 2007 iPod training/running mix within the next week or so, and will post when I do.

I’ve been working really hard on my diet, as well. The whole no-sugar thing has worked, I’d say, about 90% of the time. I’m trying really hard – I’ll tell you, though – once you rid your body of most of the crap we consume on a daily basis, you really notice the difference when you put it back in. Had some greasy Chinese Food last night, and felt bloated and yucky for the rest of the evening. It’s really amazing how when you take care of your body, your body takes care of you. Trite, but true.

Also in the sports category, I learned something. Apparently, when I do something really, really super cool, that I’ve never been able to do before, I squeal like Cindy Brady. This is news to me.

Some other thoughts…

I lost my Godfather yesterday, after a long illness. Let’s never, ever forget that we’re on this earth but for a second in time. Use that second the best you can. It’s all we got, when you really think about it. Blue Skies, Uncle Shelly.


Finally, big props to someone near and dear to me, who did her first tandem skydive this weekend – and finally “gets” why I love the sport as much as I do. Look at that expression when she lands. You can’t simply can’t fake that, no matter how good you are.

Opening Landing

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