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News Released: January 15, 2006

Power PR, Inc. Announces the First Marketing Public Relations Firm Guarantee of 60 Published Articles Per Year

(PRLEAP.COM) Torrance, CA

Power PR, Inc., an innovative industrial marketing public relations firm, today breaks ranks with the rest of the PR industry by offering the first “60 published articles per year” guarantee in the nation. This unprecedented number of guaranteed placements in trade magazines and Internet publications suddenly brings “accountability” to the PR profession; allowing industrial and manufacturing clients to accurately justify their publicity expense and identify its effectiveness in improving leads and sales through marketing public relations.

C-level managers, VPs of Marketing and sales managers are increasingly acknowledging the fiscal-driven reality that PR must yield a positive benefit to cost ratio. Yet, quantifying the effectiveness of marketing publicity has, until now, proven elusive.

“Accountability has not been the public relations industry’s long suit, but we now believe that the time has come for all that to change,” states John W. Elliott, Founder of Power PR, Inc. “Business clients want to know what they are getting for their marketing publicity dollars, up-front. We have answered that question by guaranteeing media coverage at least five times per month for twelve full months. We know of no other marketing public relations firm guarantee like ours in the country.”

Power PR has proven it can meet its objective of 60 articles per year based on its past performance which includes getting more than 15,000 articles published for its clients since its inception in 1995. Just as important, 70% of the articles written for these clients comprise feature stories of three-to-five pages in length.

Power PR set its minimum goal of 60 published stories per year because experience proves that it takes this many articles to generate a sufficient number of leads to elevate sales year after year. Without consistent repetition, a company cannot create the necessary number of credible, persuasive impressions required to influence its qualified prospects and expand the business.

Power PR achieves this high volume of published articles because it employs metrics and adheres to well-documented processes that help ensure results.

For example, statistics are tracked for the number of: outgoing calls to editors, editors actually contacted, those considering placement of a story, and many other parameters. It is the constant monitoring of these numbers against set benchmarks that turns publicity from an art into a science.

“Metrics and accountability keep us on the path to performance and results; however, results come from more than statistics and graphs,” adds Elliott.

“Results come from a willingness to challenge the status quo and raise the bar. You must want to give the best marketing publicity possible. We feel we’ve done that with our 60-article per year guarantee.”

OK…  Who wants to fire the first shot about why this is a BAD idea?

What exactly are “placements? News releases?  Pay-for-placements?

Yeah. Right.

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