And Heeeeere we go! Universal Sues You-Tube

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UPDATE: Thanks to Ian Bryce for pointing this out – Apparently, Universal and You-Tube are working TOGETHER to sue other sites.

Huh. Well then. OK. Nothing to see here. Move on.

Original, apparently mistaken post, follows.

I called it months ago. I said that as soon as You-tube made a penny, they’d get themselves sued into oblivion.

And it’s begun:  Universal sues You-Tube. Precedent, anyone?

You don’t have to run out and sell your Google stock… At least, not yet… But if they settle, it’s a precedent. If You-tube loses, it’s a precedent.

What I WOULD do, though, is start downloading your favorite clips now. Because my bet? They’ll be gone in under three months.

You heard it hear first.

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