And heeeeeere we go.

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2007 ING NYC Marathon Entrant Database is live.

Shankman Peter 143823 YES M35 NEW YORK NYH

I knew I’d get in, I ran 16 races last year, well more than the 9 I needed for an auto-entry.

Training for it has already started. I actually went out and bought a blood pressure monitor. I’ll be curious to see if it drops at all between now and the marathon based on my training.

The issue that REALLY messes with my head is that little number: “M35.” Means “Male, 35 years old.

Come this August, I’ll be 35.

How the hell did that happen??

Goal: 3:45. I upped it from 3:30 – if I get lucky, I get lucky.

Pace: 8:35.


143 days left.

Current weight: 202. (Down from 211 in Feb.) (Dropping most processed sugars works! (Read “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” – will totally change the way you eat.) No alcohol, the usual…

Here we go.

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