An Open Letter to Kami Watson Huyse, APR

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I Tweeted this this morning.

I immediately got about 100 or so retweets saying “right on!” or “Hell yes!” or similar.

Now as you all know, I’m pretty much the most approachable person in like, the history of forever. Email me – I tell people every day. Got a quick question? Happy to answer it. I put my damn cell phone number in the sigfile of every email I write. There’s a big difference between “Peter, would you use Facebook or Twitter to reach teenagers?” and “Peter, I’d like you to do six hours of work for me for free in exchange for a hot dog, and it won’t be considered work, because I call it “picking your brain” and it sounds much nicer that way!”

Within a few hours, Kami Watson Huyse, APR wrote a blog post, telling the world that my tweet was a pet peeve of hers. She believes I’ve gotten too famous for my own good. She didn’t include my name, but of course, it took about 20 seconds before someone pointed out the post to me. Hey, her opinion, no worries there. But… To counter her post, I submit the following email to her, and then ask the question – Still think it’s about me being a douche?


I’d like to take you to lunch. I have no intention of paying for said lunch, (we can go dutch!) But I’d like to get at least an hour to sit down with you, probably closer to two hours. During that time, I’d like to show you (and make you read) my business plan for my new startup. I’d also like you to not only comment on it, but tell me what exactly I should do in the marketing section of it. I’ll need it back by Thursday, but you’re welcome to take it home and send it back to me by email as long as it gets to me by Thursday.

Once you do that, I was wondering if I could call you or email you at least once a week with another question.

I know that you consult to Fortune 100 companies and give them the same advice I’m asking for, for lots and lots of money, but I’m asking you to do it for me, multiple times, for free. You’re nice, so I know you’ll say yes, right?

That sound good?

If you don’t get it to me in time, I’ll probably just email you every few days to see how it’s going, then start calling you on your mobile. Maybe even at home.

So – Yeah – If you could get that all to me, (did I mention for free? I did, right?) that’d be great.

OK? Thanks.

You’re so awesome,


PS: A good friend of a friend of mine is looking for a job. Any chance you’re hiring? I’ve included her resume, and also given her your phone number so she can call you directly. Thanks again, you’re a peach!

So Kami – Does my tweet make a little more sense now? Feel free to call me – Let’s have lunch and talk about it. I’ll even pay.

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