An interesting problem with getting good press

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They don’t teach this in school. Nor do they talk about  this at PR events. Yet another example of why this industry is so much damn fun follows. Happy reading. 🙂

Phone rings tonight, as I’m getting dressed to go out to dinner. I answer, it’s my mom.

Screaming at the top of her lungs in excitement, she tells me how SHE was getting ready to go out to dinner with my dad, getting dressed and watching New York 1 (Local 24-hour New York-centric news channel available on the Time Warner Cable System) as they were doing a story on travel.

Sure enough, with no warning, mom hears, compliments of Travel With Val, the following:

Don’t want any surprises when you buckle your seatbelt on your next flight? The networking site matches frequent travelers on similar itineraries. Registered individuals might decide to connect for a drink at the airport, or if things go really well, to book a window and an aisle side by side.

Naturally, she does what every proud mom does, (I would assume, anyway) and SCREAMS AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS.

This, of course, doesn’t go over well with either of my parents two cats, (see, it runs in the family) or more importantly, my father, who has been ready to go for an hour, and is dozing on the couch in the den downstairs.

He hears my mom scream this blood-curdling scream, logically assumes she just managed to slice off her foot with her eyeliner pencil, and runs upstairs.

Tripping on the 3rd or so step. Dad crashes to the ground.

Getting up, he hobbles upstairs, to find mom, not sliced up, very much alive, pointing to the TV and jumping up and down.

He stares at her for the longest time, doesn’t say anything, and proceeds to limp back downstairs.

I find this all out, of course, by way of my mom calling me, telling me the part about how I was on New York 1. This was interrupted by dad picking up the extension to relay HIS version, including the falling flat on his face in his mad dash to rush up the stairs and save my mom from certain death.

Gotta tell you, though – I really do love my parents, and it’s reasons like the above, without question. When I sell AirTroductions, and we all make a fortune, I’ll make sure dad goes to the best Orthopedic Doctor in all of New York. And I’ll buy mom excitement-management classes.

Love ya, mom and dad! Thanks for caring!!

PS: Story mentioning AirTroductions is here. Thanks, Val! Didn’t even know I got the mention!

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