Afternoon, Day 1…

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Word got out that I busted someone for being on the mobile. No one has yet to be for the afternoon sessions.

The kicker to me is that we’re at a mobile CONTENT show. You couldn’t text?! Jeez.

Paul Meyers, who’s the Founder/CEO of Acme Mobile, has a great tagline on his business card: “Fun, whether you want it or not.” What a perfect world we’d all live in if we could offer everyone content that they were required to take. Cool. 🙂 Either way, good stuff there – Smart guy.

Got some video coming – someone shot me with a camera phone closing out the morning session. I’ll post it in a second. Apparently, I’m telling a joke. Lovely.

Gotta tell you – after listening to all of this – if you’ve got any money lying around – work in mobile in Asia. It’s like printing money. Amazing stuff. Or just invest in anything 3G in the US.

Myth Busting Profitability Challenges in Emerging Markets panel. We (the US) are SO far behind in this stuff. Amazing.

BIG PROPS to Richard Robinson of Dada Asia, who in addition to currently moderating the next panel on mobile music, just returned from Rome, where he ran the Rome Marathon! Go Richard!
RrobinsonRichard Robinson of Dada, obviously very sore.

He had a great comment, as well – We’re willing to pay $1.99 for a ringback tone – a tone we NEVER HEAR. Thus, mobile = all about self expression.

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