A Thanksgiving Day Question

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As we sit down to eat and feast with our families and friends, may we all take a second to be thankful for what we have, and to offer a small prayer for those who might be needing this Thanksgiving day.

And for what it’s worth, can you tell me why I have XM Satellite Radio in my Maxima, if on THANKSGIVING DAY, I can go through EVERY CHANNEL for the HOUR AND A HALF I was in traffic, and not find ONE VERSION of “Alice’s Restaurant” on ANY channel? IT’S THANKSGIVING, FOR CHRISSAKES!!!

Remember – “Burn Off The Bird” run, tomorrow morning, 10am, Engineer’s Gate of Central Park, 90th St. and 5th Avenue. Come burn off the calories you’re about to take in.

Happy, healthy, and safe Thanksgiving, everyone.

Your faithful scribe,

-Peter Shankman

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