A post from somewhere out of my element

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I’m on business today in a place I’ve never before been: Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Some thoughts.

I land and am awestruck by the stunning natural beauty.

I get into my rental car. My rental car is a truck.

As I’m putting my bags into my rental car truck, a large cat walks by in
the parking lot. “Oh, how cute,” I say. “What a cute… Fox.”

I get to my motel. It’s made of logs.

There is an antler where the doorknob to the bathroom should be.

I had dinner last night at a restaurant next to my motel called The Gun Barrel Steak and Game House. Apparently, the Gun Barrel logo is a registered cattle brand in Wyoming.

Here’s a photo of my truck in front of my log cabin hotel.


I’m so far out of my element here, it’s not even remotely funny. But then, in other ways, it’s amusing as hell.

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