A note on holiday parties

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A note to all those who have to plan their holiday parties.

We work in a small industry. A lot of times, if you’re having a holiday party in which you want to invite reporters, editors, consultants, and the like, think about whether or not picking a specific Thursday (Say, December 14th) is in your best interest.

Perhaps buck the trend, and throw the event on a Tuesday night – everyone knows from December 14th on, it’s pretty much a crapshoot as to when you’re going to arrive into work not hungover, so Tuesday parties are acceptable. As are Wednesday parties.

For some reason, Thursday night seems to be the holiday party night of choice. Think about that before you schedule, and then find out that someone (an editor, a consultant, me) can’t make it because he or she got 9 other invites for the same night already.

The above message was not brought to you by the Taxi Cab Association of America, who would like to tell you to schedule all the parties for the same night, and take cabs to all of them. Oh, and don’t drink and drive.

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