A funny story, and a win for Jetstar Airways

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Met this morning with the CEO of Facebook Australia, a very nice man from Palo Alto named Paul Borrud. Listened to a few ideas he has, very sharp guy. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get PR permission in time, so I couldn’t do a five question video with him. Just means I have to go back to Sydney soon.

Got to the airport in Sydney, killed some time until my Qantas flight from Sydney to Brisbane to Prosperpine. Boarded, tried to sleep for an hour. (Non Emergency Exit Row hurt.) Landed in Prosperine, realized that I’d never actually gotten a printed ticket for my Jetstar flight. Asked a Qantas rep what to do, she pointed and said “talk to Jetstar.

OK then.

Headed to find Jetstar people, no one around – thought I might have to leave the secure area, go downstairs, check in, get my ticket, then I saw a Virgin lounge! I have Priority Pass, (it comes with the type of AmEx card I have) – I went in, they were the nicest people in the world. Got to a computer, jumped online, and went to print out my boarding pass. No luck – was less than two hours away, system fail.

Looked at my watch – 16:10 – Crap! Flight leaves at 16:40! I’m screwed! Ran out of the lounge with all my luggage, downstairs, out of security, and to the check in counter at Jetstar. Sweating like a pig, I show up, get my ticket, and prepare to bolt. She lovely woman behind the counter asks me why I’m running – “I have 20 minutes to make my flight!” I shouted. Didn’t she just check me in?!

“You have an hour twenty, sir. It’s 15:20pm here. There was an hour time change between Sydney and Brisbane.” AND NO ONE TOLD ME.


Walked back upstairs, (with my Emergency Exit Row seat Woot Jetstar!) and back to the Virgin lounge. Sat down, had a Pure Blonde (my new favorite beer ever), stopped sweating, and am writing this post before my flight to Prosperine.

Next stop, Prosperpine, and the Great Barrier Reef!

You know, this whole trip is actually NOT expensive! Want to do it too? Why the hell wouldn’t you? It’s awesome here! And you can do it without meetings, unlike me! Check out Australia.com to book a flight. Screw it. Just go. Seriously.

Flight’s boarding! Gotta jet! (HA!)

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