In 2017, Be Ruled By Your Gut

I’m the first person to tell you that you should always take the risk, try the new thing, do that which hasn’t been done before.

But there’s a huge, huge caveat that most people forget. Do the scary thing, sure. It’s how we grow. BUT: Only do the thing if you’ve checked in with your gut, and your gut tells you it’s ok.

If not, don’t be afraid to say no.

1910555_165607181673_8243918_nEvery single time I’ve failed in my life correlates exactly with the times I did the scary thing but ignored to my gut. And I’m not talking about fear – Fear isn’t the same as “that feeling in your gut.” Fear is there for a reason. It heightens the senses and gets us ready to do that which must be done. Fear is awesome. Being scared is the greatest motivator there is. People have built empires because they were scared.

But when the gut overrides that fear and shouts “no,” it’s in our best interest to listen. Our gut is instinct, and instinct has kept our species alive for millions of years.

In 2017, embrace the fear. But always listen to you gut. Your job is to get really good at telling the difference.

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  • Vickie Smith says:

    working on that fear thing……. pretty good at listening to my gut….thanks for being a good example for me!

  • Ruth Carter says:

    Agreed! My gut feeling is sometimes inaccurate, but never wrong. Always go with the gut!

  • Jeanne Morton says:

    Thank you for the motivation! 2017 is going to be freaking awesome!

  • Alexis Mason says:

    This post stuck out to me quickly. As a college student approaching graduation, it seems as if all I do all day is make decisions, many of those regarding choices that will affect my future. Along with those decisions often comes worry and fear of failure or disappointment. I appreciate your comment that fear heightens our senses and prepares us to do that which must be done. I agree completely in that fear often times pops up simply because we know just how big of a decision we may be making and risk we may be taking. I have finally reached the point in life where I have the freedom to start creating my own path, knowledge to bring along the way, and money to make it a little less stressful. I’m embracing the fear in 2017, knowing that it means something exciting and new is near. I’ll let my gut be the decision maker this year.

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