2010 – The Year of FourSquare?

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Spent the past four days in Vegas at Affiliate Summit – Much like Twitter was the big noise on everyone’s lips last year, this year was all about FourSquare.


If you haven’t gotten sucked into the black tar heroin that is FourSquare, it’s essentially a location based check-in service, where you compete to become “Mayor” of various locations around the world. You can enter new locations as you find them, and if played right, will be a goldmine for savvy companies who understand the value of immediate marketing.

Some of the key takeaways from the summit regarding FourSquare from my perspective:

People simply LOVE to announce where they are. Whether it was at the Rio Hotel, the Heart Bar or Las Vegas McCarran Airport, we couldn’t go five seconds without someone checking in somewhere. That signifies adoption: People were checking in to check in.

It’s actually useful. I found more than one party and event from seeing where other people were who were close to my location and simply joining them. That’s tremendously helpful, and signifies a reason to continue using FourSquare.

Finally, people love to make other people laugh, as exemplified by the multiple check-ins from Missy Ward’s Ample Cleavage. This shows that FourSquare is listening to their members. At one point, they didn’t allow random check-ins from non-recognized places. I, for one, did not check in anywhere close to Ms. Ward’s breasts.

Keep an eye on them. (FourSquare. Not Missy Ward’s breasts.) Keeping in mind this company was started by the same guys who built Dodgeball, I’m predicting FourSquare as the dominant mobile social app of 2010.

Thoughts? And feel free to add me as a friend on Foursquare here.

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