Peter Shankman interviewed on CNN International about the backlash over Donald Trump’s comments

By on 08/11/2020

Peter Shankman was interviewed on CNN International about the backlash over Donald Trump’s comments and how it could potentially affect his brand.

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CNN: We’re going to stay on this theme. There is a saying, of course, no, there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Is that true? In this case, let’s get some insight on whether, uh, this is going to affect Donald Trump, Peter, Shankman his branding and social media consultant. And he joins me here in New York. Peter, I wonder, I mean, we’re, we’re very used to.

That saying, how damaging do you think this is ultimately for Donald Trump or is he going to be able to sort of spin it in some way that’s going to work for him really starting to hurt?

Peter Shankman: You know, it was, it was six months ago. It was a joke. We could laugh at a little bit. Oh, look at that. He’s running away.

And then he started to say things and he started to say some more things. And now it’s really start to get a little frightening in terms of the backlash she’s receiving both from a corporate level, as well as political look, the man, right. Is a carnival barker. We know that he thrives on exposure. He thrives on PR.

Uh, no matter what he says negative, it seems to help him up until this point. Essentially up until this point, he’s been the Nickelback of politics, right? Everything he says, that’s negative. Everything he does. That’s negative. Somehow winds up helping him. He’s crossed several lines though, in the past month or so, that will affect him financially because it’s all he has is his brand.

What, what he treads on how he generates revenue for himself. Often his companies is through his name. Trump. Plaza Trump casinos, Trump hotels, Trump, Trump, Trump, when Trump is now being equated with racism and with potentially attacks on Muslims. And, uh, some are saying fascism and they’re equating it to Nazi era techniques that does not bode well for any brand.

And when all you have is your brand, and you’re now being acquainted with that, it’s very, very damaging.

CNN: Well, Peter, let me ask you though. I mean, he’s, he’s doing well in the polls. This isn’t new, it’s the latest in his ramp, but this is particular departure from somebody who was behaving completely differently before.

And he’s increasingly been going up in the polls. And frankly, if you look elsewhere, we have NFL players who are accused of domestic violence in sponsors, still come back to them. Is it really true that this is going to hurt his business on a long term perception? So people sending short memories.

Peter Shankman: Essentially, you’re looking at a graph when, when the, when the election is very far away and it’s down here, right.

We can laugh at him as the election draws closer. We start taking a different look and we start worrying a little bit. And all of a sudden we’re looking at someone who’s essentially saying let’s ban Muslims from coming into this country as we’re within 12 months at a presidential election. And we’re saying, okay, That might not be okay.

And it’s, it would be one thing. If he’s attacks were always down here, but his attacks are increasing amazingly, increasingly negative, and he’s targeting large swaths of the, the world that’s dangerous. So the, the support he has is currently coming from people who are ironically enough, don’t fit into the lifestyle and socioeconomic class of his brands who are against him actually do so it’s hurting him.

If he, if he falls away, Uh, from a political perspective and tries to go back to what he’s doing, it will be a negative effect for him. Yeah. He might not go bankrupt, although he had several times, but it will be a very, very negative effect because you’re looking at someone who is basically come out and said, I hate.

This section of the country. I hate this section of the world when you’re in business. Those are the things you avoid saying when you’re in politics, you say the point,

CNN: That’s an excellent point that, that, that the sort of demographic of his business is very different than the voters he’s appealing to, with those comments, Peter, I wonder, do you think that, um, that the rhetoric has the potential to move beyond just damaging the Trump brand and sort of have an effect on America’s brand worldwide?

Peter Shankman: We know we’ve survived worse. Uh, if you remember back when, uh, uh, George Bush jr. Was president, we, we, there were some very negative, uh, emotions worldwide. We’re seeing, we’re starting to see a rise in that. Again, I was overseas a few weeks ago, and then people, you know, the number one thing they want to talk about it.

Dude, what’s up with Trump. What’s, you know, do you believe that what’s going on with him? Is that how you really think so? You know, having to deflect those questions again, gets annoying. Um, if he became president, which is, you know, will not happen, but if he became President, yes, it would be very damaging.

Canada would have to prepare for 140 million immigrants. But, uh, you know, I think at this point right now, It’s moved to the point where we’ve stopped taking him as a joke. And we’re starting to get a little worried, but from a, from a financial brand perspective of the Trump empire, at this point, everything he says when politics is over and he has to go back to playing businessman is going to hurt him.

CNN: Well, one wonders if that’s going to start to factor into his calculation, because as he says, he does have an eye on the bottom line. Peter you’ll have to come back in, uh, as we watch this, uh, through the next few months of this election. Thanks so much for joining us this morning, Peter Shankman for us.



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